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Welcome to 420-Travel's Backpacking Guide. Backpacking has long been one of the rites of passage for US highschool and college graduates. Armed with a backpack and a Eurorail pass traveling for several weeks or month throughout Europe, without a set agenda. During the summer thousands travel accross Europe, meeting in hostels, enjoying the lax drinking laws and meeting the beautiful locals (or sometimes they are just beautified by beer goggles).

We put together a bunch of information to make your trip planning easier, and more enjoyable. Our Backpacker's Insight section contains information on everything from picking the right locations to what kind of digital cameras we think are idially suited for backpacking. If there is still information missing, and we know there is, as it is impossible to write articles on every possible backpacking situation you may encounter, you can check out our Backpacking Forum, or contact Happy Toker.


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