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Frequently Asked Questions

420-Movies, online since April 20th, 2002, began simply as a source for online movie reviews but over the past 3 years has become much more than that. Our forum section is frequented by those looking to pass on a few good jokes to friends or wanting to learn about a movie they saw but can't remember the title of. We have also recently implemented an incentive program for our members which encourages them to become more active on the site and earn free merchandise in exchange.

420-Love encompasses our sex, dating and relationship section along with classifieds for people looking for love, romance or just a few new friends.

420-Travel was designed to give people useful information about exciting places to travel, what to do when you are there and where to sleep. This section also has an extensive area focusing on Amsterdam including coffeeshop reviews and forums.

Who are the people behind 420-Movies?
We are a young married couple in our mid twenties who enjoys smoking and watching movies. We are college graduates with respectable jobs, two cats and a comfortable lifestyle. We are both essentially expats in Germany and that is why we are also including a guide for people living overseas who smoke, whether you are in the armed forces or relocated for business. As we have grown our collection of DVDs, we decided that there must be other smokers out there who are missing out on some of the best smoking films because they look lame or never made it to the theatre, us included. So we decided to create 420-Movies to let smokers worldwide find the best movies to watch while they toke up.
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How do I rate movies for 420-Movies?
The first step of rate movies is becoming a member. Once you are a member, simply find a movie you would like to rate, scroll down to the bottom part of the page next to all the best movie quotes and click on Rate this Movie or Submit the First Review. If there is not a movie in our database that you feel should be, let us know.
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What's up with your categories?
As you have probably noticed, our category titles are slightly different from those you will find on most sites. But then again, there isn't a whole lot on this site that you will find on most other sites anyway. Here is a little explanation for each of our categories:

A Few Good Laughs All the best comedy movies…and maybe even a few of the worst.
Chick Flicks Do I really have to explain this for you??
Deutsche Movies in German
Happy Holidays Movies taking place during the holidays seasons.
Intense Action This is where you should go to find explosions, car chases, and battle scenes.
Lazy Day Epics Movies you'd want to watch on a rainy Saturday afternoon with a bowl of soup or when you're home sick…anytime you have a few hours to kill.
Life's a Game Movies about any and all sports.
Mobster-mania Gangster and mobsters galore.
Movies From the Past All those movies you used to love in the 80's and early-90's.
Nail Biters Movies that keep you on the edge of your seat with anticipation and suspense.
On Wall Street Any type of movie that involves the financial world.
Scary Movies Movies that make you jump and want to grab someone's arm tight.
Seem Familiar? Movies that started as TV shows, books
Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll Movies that involve lots of sex, lots of drugs and maybe even a little rock 'n' roll.
Shaken, Not Stirred The entire James Bond collection.
Some Good Drawings Animated films from Disney and Pixar.
Stoner Movies Movies that were just made to be watched while high.
Teen Movies These movies just seem to be made for a teen audience.
They Started on SNL Actors and skits that got their start on Saturday Night Live.
This Job Sucks!! Do you hate your job? So do these guys.
A Day in the Life of Walk in someone else’s shoes in these biographical movies.
Animania All kinds of movies about animals: from Dr. Dolittle to Finding Nemo.
Tough Guys Action heros and your everyday hardasses can be found here kicking some butt.
Face the Music Movies about musicians and the music industry as well as concerts.

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What are the companies you are affiliated with?

We have shopping affiliations Amazon.com and Café Press. Amazon offer a very broad range of movie titles as well as many other products. Please visit our online mall to buy anything from electronics and DVDs to household products and outdoor grills.
At our Café Press store you will find a range of exclusive 420-Movies merchandise. See the merchandise now.
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How can I link to your site?
Please feel free to use the banners below. If you are linking to us, we would love to know. Drop us an email.



Who are the people behind 420-Movies?

How do I rate movies for 420-Movies ?

What's up with your categories?

What are the companies you are affiliated with?

How can I link to your site?

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"If you choose to indulge in consuming marijuana, please do it responsibly and within the limits of the law."
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