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Fun Stuff

Here you will find a collection of links to various games, information and interesting things we have come across on the web. If you have anything you would like to add, email us and let us know!

Essential Smoking Knowledge

420 Etiquette

Rule No. 55

When scoring for a friend it is never polite to expect that they will just give you a nug. You have to make the decision before hand whether or not to pinch a nug.

How to Roll a Joint

Whether you're looking to roll a Knee Trembler, a Saturday Night Special or a Cannabis Cigar, this is the site to visit. (external link)

How to Build a Bong

See how a bong works and how to make your own bong with virtually nothing... for those moments when you're REALLY desperate. (external link)

How to Make Various Kinds of Bongs

Learn how to build everything from Coke can and bottle bongs to Gravity Bongs and Waterfalls. (external link)




Fun & Games


The greatest dice game for smokers ever. Earn bong hits as you score points and try to keep up. A bit difficult to learn but certainly well worth the effort.

Who Wants to Smoke my Honeybear?

A spoof on Who Want to Be A Millionaire? Test your knowledge about cannabis and see if you can win a chance to smoke the honeybear. (external link)

Smoking Jamaican Style

  1. Pack a bowl.
  2. Pass it around to everyone you’re toking with.
  3. Anyone who exhales before the bowl gets back to him or her is skipped.
  4. That’s all there is. But don’t be fooled by the simple rules. You will definitely get very high.

Grandpa's Marijuana Handbook

A guide for senior citizens about the advantages of smoking pot. Quite funny to watch in any state of mind. Check out the 24 minute film or visit his site. (external link)



Legal Awareness and Rights

Cannabis Consumers Campaign

"We're coming out of the closet to stand up for equal rights-" Cannabis consumers come from all walks of life. Meet some of them today. (external link)

Know Your Rights

Your legal rights according to the Constitution...just in case you ever get yourself into some trouble.

Stop Arresting Marijuana Users

Sign a petition to the President of the United States to stop the arrests of marijuana users. (external link)

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