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How to Play ZONK!


Zonk is a smoking game in which the main goal is to win points and, in return, bong hits. To ultimately win the game, you need to get 10,000 points. However, for every 1,000 points and/or special event, a player gets a bong hit.

Warning: If you're stoned right now and new to this game, you'll probably have to read this page 3 times before you understand it.

It always helps to get dice and throw some practice hands before a game starts. Please let me know if these guidelines are confusing- I will rewrite anything that is hard to understand.

Sample Hand
Other Guidlines


The real meanings of these words will become more apparent as you learn how to play the game.

Zonk (noun): The game you're playing

Zonk (verb): 1)To play a bad round. 2)To lose your current or next turn.

Straw Dick (noun): To Zonk on your first roll, i.e. roll all non-scoring die.

Straw Hat (noun): A straight. Roll either 1-2-3-4-5 or 2-3-4-5-6  Equals 1000 points.

Scoring Die (noun): Any Die that has value (see section on scoring).

All-Scoring Die (noun): When All Dice on The Table are Scoring.

Limbo (werb): A State in which you have all scoring die. You then continue your turn.

Special Numbers (nouns): Any non-1000 numbers that give you a bong hit.

Sympathy Hits (noun): Bong hits given when someone Zonks a certain amount of times in a row


Zonk should be played on the table with almost excessive lighting. I know this is not a normal atmosphere for the stoned, but it adds to the game.

The owner of the table typically keeps score. However, he/she can pass the duties on to anyone else.

The game rotation must be picked. If there are 2 to 3 players, you can roll a dice for position. Highest number gets to choose if he/she wants to go first or last. If there are 4+ people, it's more convenient to play in the order which you are sitting- starting at the person left of the score keeper and ending with the score keeper.

Write each person's name down in the proper rotation. Each person should get a column to themselves. (See the sample score sheet below) Next, everyone receives a nick-name for the game. A person may NOT name themselves. You may not name a person by their normal name or nick-names. Game names should not be reused (though some people claim that you keep your name forever, or until you roll a certain number of zonks in a row). Write down each person's name on the sheet in their column.

Any optional, house, or non-traditional rules should be made public before the game starts. If you're using sympathy hits, that should also be announced. (sympathy hits are bong hits given when someone zonks a certain amount of times in a row)


You need 2 or more people to play Zonk. They should all be marijuana smokers capable of downing bong rips (avg. 8 hits per game.) Games average 45 minutes with 3-4 players, but can last 15 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.


To play Zonk, you need 5 six-sided dice. You also need a pen and paper (preferably lined notebook paper) or a Zonk Score Sheet. You have to play on a decent-sized and smooth table. Get a Bong and Some Marijuana. (Games have been played with bowls and one-hitters, but it's just not the same). As I've been told, "official Zonk dice" are dice that have a single star instead of a "one"- but play with what you can get.



When rolling dice, only certain die are scoring die:

Singly, only 1 and 5 are scoring. One is worth 100 points; Five is worth 50 points.

If you roll three of any same number, those dice are scoring. They are worth the dice number times 100. For example, three 4's are worth 400 points. Three 5's are worth 500 points. If you roll 4 non-scoring dice of the same number, only three of them count.

The only exception to the above, is that three 1's are worth 1000 points.

Straw Hats (aka Straights) are worth 1000 points

Alone, 2's, 3's, 4's, and 6's are non-scoring die.

        = 100 Points
        =  50 Points
    =  300 Points (3 of a kind)
    =  600 Points (3 of a kind)

= 1000 Points (3 of a kind)

= 1000 Points (Straw Hat)
= 1000 Points (Straw Hat)

The way in which you gain points is to roll all five dice when it's your turn. On rolling, you may keep any SCORING die. You can not keep non-scoring dice in hopes of getting a straight or 3 of a kind. For example, you can keep a one and a five, but you can't keep a three in hopes of getting two more threes. You may only keep 1's, 5's, 3 of a kind, and straw hats.

Once you roll, you can either keep the score of the dice you have on the table, or you can re-roll the remaining non-scoring dice in hopes of getting a better score. You must keep at least one scoring die to continue rolling- you can re-roll scoring dice as long as you keep one scoring die. For example, if you roll two 1's you can keep one of the 1's and reroll the other with the non-scoring dice.

If when you re-roll the dice, none of the newly rolled dice are scoring, (say a 6, 6, and 3) you Zonk and receive no points. You do NOT receive points for the dice you rolled on your first turn. You only earn points when you stay and relinquish your turn to the next player without zonking.

If you roll the dice so that all five dice you rolled are scoring, (known as all-scoring dice) you are now in Limbo. This means you count the points you have and roll a new hand. You cannot stay- you HAVE to keep rolling! You then add your current score to the score you had in Limbo. If you Zonk, you lose ALL points. It is possible to roll an infinite number of points as long as you keep rolling all-scoring die and don't zonk.

Score Tracking

A Basic Scoring Sheet Looks Like This:

Round One Total (Zonk) 0 Straw Hat 1000* (+800) 800
Round Two Total (+1050) 1050* (+600) 1600 (+1500) 2300**
Round Three Total (+1100) 2150* (+450) 2050* (Zonk) 2300

Keeping track of scores is easy.. just add what people make on each roll to what they already had. If they get no points, write in "Zonk". If they earn a bong hit, (either every 1000 points or other circumstances), you put an asterisk (*) next to the round they just played for each bong hit that they earned.

If your score is equal to a special number, you get a bong hit. Traditional special numbers are 4200, 5150, and 6900.


  Sample Hand 

On Your First Roll, You Get A:

The Only Scoring Die are a 5 and 1 for 150 points.You can stop and take 150 points, but it's better to try for a higher score.

So what do you keep? You can keep the 1 and 5, but you only keep the 1.This allows you to re-roll the 5 in hopes of getting a 1 because three 1's gives you 1000 points and a bong-hit. This is where strategy comes into play.



The Only Scoring Die That You Just Rolled is a 5 for 150 total points.You keep the 5 and roll the other three dice. Again, you could have stayed, but it's better to try for more points. You can not re-roll the five because you must keep at least one scoring die per roll.


YES! You rolled three 1's. This is 1,000 points.With the 5, your total score for this hand is 1,050. If you're smart, you'll tell the score keeper that you're done and to record your points. If you're daring, you can keep rolling, but if you zonk by rolling non-scoring dice, you will lose ALL your points for this round.

*IF* You had rolled this hand, instead:


You had rolled three non-scoring die. You just zonked. You get no points, and it's the next person's turn

*IF* You had rolled this hand, instead:


You Just Rolled All-Scoring Dice. The three 5's equal 500 points and the two 1's equal 200 points for a total of 700 points. Remember your score, because you HAVE TO roll another hand and add what you earn to your original 700 points. You are responsible for knowing what your score for the previous hand was. No one has to tell you what you had, although they can (but why would they want to help you?) The score-keeper should remember as well so he knows he's writing down the proper score. If the roller asks to put the wrong score down for that turn, he zonks. For example, if he asks to record 1450 points and he really rolled any other score, he zonks and gets no points.



Violation of any of the following rules results in a zonk.

  1. If you're in the middle of a hand and you zonk, it's the next person's turn.
  2. If it is not your turn and you zonk, you will be skipped on your next turn. Zonks are cumulative.
  3. Dice must all be picked up at once in one sweeping motion. Dropped dice or "sloppy dice" will count as a Zonk.
  4. You may not touch the dice unless it is your turn.
  5. You may not call a person by any name but their nick-name for the game.
  6. You may not pick your own nick-name.
  7. In rolling, you may not hit anything else on the table. (cups, bong, other people)
  8. In Re-rolling, you may not hit any of the dice you kept.
  9. Any time you roll dice, at least one of the dice you roll must be scoring.
  10. In keeping die, you MAY move them to a different part of the table by sliding them. If you flip a die, you zonk.
  11. Once you touch a die, you must keep it. (unless you're picking it up to re-roll it)
  12. If you touch a die you can't keep, you zonk. (unless you're picking it up to re-roll it)
  13. If you break up a straw hat, you zonk. Example, if you roll a 1,2,3,4,5 you cannot keep the one and five and re-roll the rest. A straw hat is all scoring dice (see next rule) and worth 1000 points.
  14. You must continue rolling if you get all-scoring die because you're in Limbo.
  15. You must remember your own score when you're in Limbo. If you ask the scorekeeper to record an incorrect score, you zonk. The scorekeeper must announce the score he's keeping so that others may verify that it is correct.
  16. If you "space" and it's your turn, you get zonked. An average time is 10 seconds. So if it's 10 seconds into your turn and you're sitting there picking your nose and humming along to Terrapin Station, you zonk. If you have a valid reason and announce it, you can delay your roll. (Like if you're packing the bowl).


Other Guidelines
  1. You can ask the score keeper to repeat names and scores at any time.
  2. No one has the responsibility to tell you what your current score is in limbo, but they can if they want to.
  3. If you can cheat and not get caught, go for it.
  4. You cannot delay and rack-up bong hits. Bong hits are taken in the order that they are earned (and shown in the score sheet). If your turn comes around again and you haven't taken your hits yet, a delay of game occurs until the bong gets passed around and everyone catches up.
  5. If you can't physically take your bong hit, you zonk for each turn that comes around until you can take it.
  6. Depending on the weed owner's preference, either s/he packs the bowl when it's cached, or he may opt that whoever it caches on has to pack it. S/he may also elect a bowl-tender who must keep the bowl packed.
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