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Welcome to the new 420-Movies smokers community. Here you will find many ways to interact with people to make new friends and maybe even find some romance. Whether you want to browse a few love profiles, read a few messages and post a few of your own on the forums or check out the galleries you will find plenty of things to occupy your time here. Just remember to play nice with all your new friends and never forget to share.

420-Love: No satin sheets and vibrating beds in here but maybe you can find someone to share yours with. Go for a stroll through the new 420-Love personal site. We still have a lot of work to do, but if you are looking for someone special, add your own free 420-Movies Personal ad now and make sure your satin loving partner finds you first when this part of the site goes live.

420-Forum: 420 Movies has 6 new forums for you to post a few messages to new friends, pass along important information about the cause, learn new things about Amsterdam or anything else you might be interested in. You must be a member to post messages so sign up today.

Visit our Personals Section if you are looking for romance. It is absolutely free, you just need to become a member.

Forum Description Total Messages
Smokers Den
Post your thoughts and ideas on the General Forum. Whether you want to leave a note for a friend of a few suggestions for us, this is the place to go.
Movie Talk
Want to share some gossip about an upcoming film or pass along a few thoughts about a new film? Do it on the Movie Talk Forum today.
Interested in visiting Amsterdam but not really sure what to bring or how to get the most of the city? Visit the Coffeeshops Forum for advice.
Fun Stuff
Visit the Fun Stuff Forum where you find lots of things to make you laugh, interesting facts and lots of other stuff to occupy your time.
What goes better with smoking than lots of food? Maybe lots of waterÂ…Here are a few of our favorite stoner recipes, many of which would never have been created if it wasn't for the green.
Have some stupid pet stories to share? Have a pet joke or some interesting animal facts to tell? Do it here.



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