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420-Movies, online since April 20th, 2002, began simply as a source for online movie reviews but over the past 3 years has become much more than that. Our forum section is frequented by those looking to pass on a few good jokes to friends or wanting to learn about a movie they saw but can't remember the title of. We have also recently implemented an incentive program for our members which encourages them to become more active on the site and earn free merchandise in exchange.

420-Love encompasses our sex, dating and relationship section along with classifieds for people looking for love, romance or just a few new friends.

420-Travel was designed to give people useful information about exciting places to travel, what to do when you are there and where to sleep. This section also has an extensive area focusing on Amsterdam including coffeeshop reviews and forums.

We offer several alternatives for advertising on the site. Normally our advertisers have products related to movies, travel, smoking accessories, marijuana reform, college students, etc. but are certainly not limited to these areas.

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